Thursday, Session 4

Session 4: 3:00-3:50

Salon B:

Promote Literacy with QR Codes

Margaret Gaudino – Instructional Technology Specialist, Montgomery County Schools

Andrea Christman – Supervisor, Montgomery County

What are QR codes and how can they promote literacy? Quick Response codes are appearing in magazines, store windows, and in libraries! Users can scan the codes to view digital content. Learn how to generate and print your own QR codes to promote your favorite books and library program.



Conference I:

Impacting Student Achievement Through Collaboration

Jan E. Nies – Parr’s Ridge Elementary School, Carroll County

Emily Howe – Parr’s Ridge Elementary School, Carroll County

So many books! How do I choose the one that is a good fit for me? At this Mae I. Graham award-winning school, media specialists and teachers collaborate to address this question by providing consistent language, co-teaching of effective reading behaviors, and one-on-one support to at-risk learners. The results are outstanding!


Conference II:

Toward a Union of Fact and Fiction: Incorporating Science Fiction in the Science Curriculum

Amanda Waugh – Graduate Research Associate, Information Policy and Access Center, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland College Park

Mega M. Subramaniam, Ph. D – Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Information Policy and Access Center, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland College Park

Science and science fiction seem like a good combination, but are they? Numerous case studies exist touting the use of science fiction in science classrooms. We correlate popular YA science fiction with concepts in the Maryland State Core Curriculum to encourage collaboration between Science and English teachers and Media Specialists.


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Conference III:

Playing the Feud, Winning a Friend, and Losing My Mind!Lessons Learned in Four Years as an LMS

Matthew C. Winner – Longfellow Elementary School, Howard County

Prezi Presentation:

In four years a library can become a home, a library program an identity, and an individual a part of the school’s culture. Hear how one such media specialist strived to change his part of the world by doing the best he could to be himself. (SPOILER ALERT: It worked!)