Session1: 9:30-10:40

Salon B:

Redefining the Role of the School Librarian

Kristin Fontichiaro - ALA Emerging Leader, Author and Editor, College Professor

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The era of the shushing, shelving librarian is over – but information overload is rampant. Librarians still matter – but in new and more powerful ways. Whether you’re a librarian, a curriculum director, a principal, or anyone else invested in learning, come share your thoughts about how librarians can be repositioned to contribute positively to students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and skills acquisition.


Conference I:

Best of the Rest: Grades 6-9

Christy Pierce - Federalsburg ES, Caroline County

Dedra Van Gelder - Milton M. Somers MS, Calvert County

Did you ever wonder how the Black-Eyed Susan books are selected? The Grades 6-9 committee reads over one hundred books, discusses the books and votes for the first round. In March a second vote is taken to select ten titles. What happens to the other books? This presentation will share some of the “almost-made-the-list” books.


Conference II:

Engaging 21st Century Learners with Technology

Andrew Durren - Sales Consultant, Gale/Cengage

Preparing today’s youth to succeed in a digital economy requires a new kind of teaching. Global and computer literacy, problem solving and critical thinking are crucial skills. Learn about trends in learning and searching, and peek at Gale’s product development strategy to see how we are preparing students for success


Conference III:

Testing, Testing, Testing: Discover the Latest Trends and Tools for Easy Creation of Effective Online Media Assessments

Robin Lauren - Veterans Elementary School/Howard County

Leela Noble - Centennial Lane Elementary School/Howard County

Laurie Ressler – McDaniel College

Numbers talk. In this age of shrinking budgets and growing demand for data-driven results, the need is more urgent than ever to show that our Media programs make a vital contribution to student achievement. Learn how online assessments tools such as TRAILS and QUIA can boost your Media program.