Thursday Afternoon Keynote: 4:00-4:50 in Salon B

Joquetta Johnson

Library Media Specialist, Graduate Instructor, & Treasure Mountain Scholar

Joquetta Lynn Johnson is a library media specialist with Baltimore County Public Schools, a graduate instructor at Morgan State University, and a Treasure Mountain Scholar. She is a knowledge broker, lead learner, and agent of change. Joquetta provides 21st century instruction that integrates multiple literacies into all curriculum areas. Her willingness to share her expertise with others and her knowledge of digital resources and educational technologies has earned her the title of “The Digital Diva.” She is an avid user and advocate for the use of social media, mobile technologies, and web 2.0 tools for teaching, learning, and developing personal learning networks. With her enthusiastic spirit and out of the box thinking, Joquetta strives to model and promote 21st century librarianship, leadership, and instruction that empowers ALL learners and contributes to the global learning community.

Passion for Our Profession: What's Love Got to Do With It?

Passion is an essential ingredient in a recipe for building a successful library program; however, you need love to sustain it. This will be a passion-driven presentation about why and how to leverage love and passion for our profession to cultivate 21st century librarianship.