Session 3: 1:40-2:30

Salon B:

Wii Love Learning! Gaming Technology in the Math Classroom and the School at Large

Matthew Winner – Longfellow Elementary School, Howard County

Meghan Hearn – Veterans Elementary School, Howard County

Schools nationwide are embracing gaming technology as a way to engage learners and connect with technology tools familiar to students. Explore the educational potential of the Nintendo Wii as a tool to support math instruction, allowing students to make real life connections with math concepts. Hands-on participation encouraged.

Wii Instructional Network:
Wii Math Presentation: to be added


Conference I:

The Making of an Author Study

Christy Ann Pierce – Federalsburg Elementary School, Caroline County

Where does a teacher/librarian begin in planning an author study? This presentation will provide the components of a well-planned author study, guidelines for the author study preparation and extra teacher tips for its classroom implementation. The handout will include the components, the guidelines, the teacher tips and recommended author lists.


Conference II:

Effective Strategies to Address Student Misbehavior in the Media Center

Shauna F. King, M. Ed. – Prince Georges County Public Schools

Student behavior continues to be a significant concern in many elementary and secondary schools and is a critical issue in maintaining a safe and orderly environment within the school community. School librarians are affected by disruptive and disrespectful student behaviors that can distract from the overall delivery of the instructional program in the media center. Often faced with hall duty, large class sizes and/or unfamiliar student names, librarians must be equipped with strategies that are simple yet effective in maintaining proper behavior in the library. In this workshop, participants will be taught to identify, intervene and prevent student misbehavior in a way that respects both teacher and student.


Conference III:

Promoting Diversity in School Library Collections: A Book Club Meeting About Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Fran Luther – Associate Professor, Towson University

Ada Woods – Librarian, Cook Library, Towson University

Come prepared to participate in a book club-style discussion of Sherman Alexie’s the Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. The book has been selected for this year’s Humanities Council’s One Maryland, One Book program. A book review is available at