Session 6: 9:30-10:20

Salon B:

Empowering Learners with Disabilities

Rebecca Oxley - Graduate Research Assistant, iPAC, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland College Park

Christie Kodama – Library Media Specialist, Highland Elementary School, Montgomery County

Mega M. Subramaniam, Ph. D – Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Information Policy and Access Center, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland College Park

School librarians confront unique challenges serving students with disabilities, yet little research is available on actual or optimal conditions for access, learning and teaching. Challenges and best practices including collections, professional development, assistive and educational technologies, and facilities from 3 school libraries serving special needs learners will be shared.


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Conference I:

Click! Snap! FLASH! Using Photography to Stimulate Writing

Kathy Miller - author

Many students today are lacking in creativity. The traditional approach to picture books is: words first, pictures last. The writing process can also be done in reverse. A series of pictures can stimulate story ideas. Participants will create a story from photographs in a hands-on exercise. They will experience how lateral thinking can produce interesting, unique story lines. Creating a photo essay based on their

local outdoor environment is a related arts project that combines Language Arts, Visual Arts and Natural Science. Basic photography tips will be demonstrated. An up-to-date resource list of student publishing options will be provided.


Conference II:

Black-Eyed Susan Books for High School, 2011-2012

Katherine J. Bishop – Arundel High School, Anne Arundel County

Marjorie Simon – Perry Hall High School, Baltimore County

This session will provide an overview of the 2011-2012 Black-Eyed Susan books for high school students as well as a discussion of how to integrate Black-Eyed Susan books into the school library program.


Conference III:

STEM & the LMC

Renee Cross – Taneytown Elementary School, Carroll County

Over the past year it has been my privilege to be one of the select few who was able to participate in the MSPP STEM portfolio initiative. This means that our school received grant monies for technology and PD that support STEM in my classroom (which happens to be the LMC). As a result of this grant I have been able to formulate an instructional unit, in collaboration with a classroom & math resources teacher, that supports each of our learning goals. During this presentation I would like to share knowledge gained during my STEM PD as well as distribute the ideas/ lessons used to complete our federally funded STEM project, so as to help prepare LMS for the STEM portion of the Common Core Curriculum.


Crystall Hall (Stage Area):

Moving Forward with eBooks

Bob Stapf/Follett

Explore the various types of eBooks currently available and the pricing models associated with them. Single user, multiuser, buy and own, and interactive subscription eBooks will be discussed. Various platforms for accessing eBooks will also be examined. These platforms include OPAC based and through a hosted virtual bookshelf like the FollettShelf.